• Zero Accident Rate Policy

    Radisson Blu Hotel - Batumi/Georgia

  • Genuine Commitment to Excellence

    Sipopo Congress Hall - Malabo/Equatorial Guinea

  • Multi - Disciplined Engineering

    Engineering - Procurement - Contracting - Testing and Commissioning - Operating and Maintenance

  • When in Conflict Select Ethics over Profit

    National Gymnastic Arena - Baku/Azerbaijan

  • Supporting naturation of knowledge

    Swan Park Office - Bucharest/ Romania

  • World Wide D&T

    The local companies will be linked to network of professional construction enterprises already succesfully operating and based in Turkey.

  • Ensuring the outcome of Environmental Awareness

    Sipopo Congress Hall - Malabo/Equatorial Guinea

  • Eco-Friendly Construction Technologies

    Talke Logistics Center - Doha/Qatar