♦ Our system of management ensures that contractual obligations towards our clients are met and our corporate objectives are achieved.

♦ We believe in sustainable growth and acknowledge our responsibility to the natural environment and to society.

♦ We interact with our clients actively and identify their needs. Throughout the processof teamwork based cooperation we demonstrate our expertise and professionalism. Our ambition at all times to the steady and ongoing improvement of ourt argets. We achieve this by means of new ideas, entrepreneurial attitude, loyalty and agenuine commitment to excellence.

♦ The project team ensures that the expertise required for the project is deployed for the benefit of the client.

♦ The sercives we offer are a targeted response to the requirements of the market. With the continuous expansion of our range of services and the development of alternative contractual models, we offer our clients added value and thereby strengthen our market position.

♦ After sales service secures the value of commercial property on lasting basis, while the provision of preventive maintenance increases the level of client satisfaction.

♦ We acknowledge our obligation to health and safety and environmental protection and support clients in meeting their obligations in these fields.

♦ The Executive Board and employees abide by the fundamental legal, regulatory and ethical values that govern our society. There are no exceptions to this statement.